Monday, 9 March 2015

A criss - cross binding

 A lovely binding that is a bit fiddly but easy enough to make. Start by making a textblock, and cutting two boards flush with the back of the textblock and slightly larger on the other three sides. The spine piece should be the same height as the boards, and the width of the the two boards and textblock.  Cover these with paper (or what you like) and with pastedowns on the inside boards. Next, with an awl, pierce holes through the boards - an odd number works well. Then using thread, 'sew' the three pieces together using the diagram below.

Above: the cover completed 
Below: the instructions 

 After this the textblock, with pre-pierced holes, can be sewn to the cover. Sew around two threads at a time, and make sure that these pairs are alternated, so that the same two threads are not pulled together each time. It is important to keep the tension here. It is a bit of an awkward book to sew, but very charming once done with a nice easy opening. VoilĂ  !

Original design can be found here:

Friday, 6 March 2015

Medieval Moggets

MS Harley 4751 from the British Library, second quarter of the 13th century 

 All about their usual business: synchronised cats chasing rats, rats pinching holy wafers, and, of course, a lonesome cat playing the violin. Not much changes.